Jason Silvestri
This is far from the website I had up just days ago... Moreover, the site I had up was one of my best proofs of work to date. I have since pulled down my entire site with the exception of this single page, and I am soon to move my entire operations over to my Azure cloud server where I have full control, instead of using GoDaddy servers. This will take weeks to do so, because my site was a PHP, custom wordpress I created, and I am now building an Asp.NET Core MVC App in place of it.

Some history: I have developed sophisticated web applications & software for some of the best brands in the business, including, TripAdvisor, Dassault Systemes, Princess House, OpSec Security, NHL, NFL, Rovio (makers of Angrybirds), MIT Sloan, Harvard Business School, Invacare Supply Group, Zeta Interactive, Union Bank, Citizen Watch, Allergan (the makers of BOTOX™), American Family, Liberty Mutual, Subaru, STIHL, Cambridge Savings Bank, and 21st Century Business! I have over 40+ web technologies under my belt that I have aquired over the past 17+ years, that range from HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Asp.NET 2-4.6, Entity Framework and SQL Server, to AngulaJS 1 & 2, Asp.NET Core, and much more! The moment I get my site back up will be the moment you will see the fruits of my labor!