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JasonSilvestri.com is an interactive desktop, tablet and smart phone user experience, created for the purpose of providing personal brands, entrepreneurs and small businesses a place to retrieve important resources in the form of public speaking, videos, written blog, and other forms of complimentary support, all while providing larger businesses the information they need to determine the types of services Jason Silvestri provides that best fits their current objectives.

As a Web Solution Architect, Web Application Developer and all around Software Engineer, Jason has spent the past 15 years learning about and developing sophisticated web applications of all shapes and sizes, using over 40 different web technologies. He has grown a very large social media presence in the process, and has given back in many ways, such as public speaking, videos, written blog, and other forms of complimentary support. As a 360 Degree Leader, Jason is a person that can wear many hats. He is called in for the very BIG problems, and delivers solution with a plethora of strategy that satisfies client initiatives across several industry sectors. Most importantly, he takes enormous pride in what he does!

Aside from paying forward in the personal branding space, Jason's focus these days is helping fortune 500-5000 brands develop large scale projects and applications, using strategy and development solutions that span across all major web development tiers/layers (Design, Presentation, Business Logic and Data Access). Jason uses tactics ranging from Product Lifecycle Management Consulting, Web Solution Architecting and Software Engineering using technologies such as Asp.NET, ADO.NET, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL Server, CSS3, HTML5 and several other technologies, to other areas of web development interest, such as Photoshop for Creative Design, and Adobe After Effects & Vegas Pro for stunning video and film effects.

Optimal Experience

Jason Silvestri.com holds an interest array of resources that will be shown in the most optimal manner. Amongst the Services Jason provides, you will find HD video and photography, How-to tutorials, shoutouts to friends, and more!

Mobile Design

Users have already reported that surfing JasonSilvestri.com from iPhones and Androids yields a surprisingly fast and interactive experience given the content rich interfaces that make up the site. Clients can expect the same usability with solutions Jason creates.

No Money Required

One of the things that has never changed since the infancy of JasonSilvestri.com is that you do not need to pay for any of the tutorials, motivational videos or any other materials found on on the site. Paying forward is sometimes the best currency of all.


Open interactions with people is always best, but some areas for commenting have been disabled until Jason is around more to respond. Your feedback, however, is extremely important. Please use the contact form if you have questions.

Complimentary Support

Personal Brands Are Always Welcome!

Even though JasonSilvestri.com 2015 is more service oriented directed towards much larger corporations, the days of the “Confessions of a Failing Entrepreneur” campaign helped personal brands get closer to the top in ways that were proven by Jason's own experiences to work (and not work)! There will be an effort to bring back the videos that helped hundreds of thousands of individuals grow as personal brands and small business owners.

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Current Shoutouts

Jason meets a lot of people along they way; many of whom have their own mission in life and deserve some recognition. See who's on his List these days.

Jay DiMare
Jay DiMare

Jay DiMare is...

Sana Ahmed
Sana Ahmed

Sana Ahmed is...

Tone Floreal
Tone Floreal

I learned a...

J. Graeme Noseworthy
J. Graeme Noseworthy

Fellow, Brother, Graeme...

My Services / & Market Status (ON!)

Jason is currently ON the market! The following service bundling assumes you'll call on Jason for his complete skill set such as Product Lifecycle Management consulting, web solution architecting and software engineering.

Product Lifecycle Management

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is the unspoken consulting and software engineering solutions that make the big brands of the World run most effectively. Jason Silvestri services are interlaced with PLM strategy. His services are about looking at the big picture, and then applying design and technology to the workflow and lifecycle processes of some of the best brands!

Web Solution Architecting

Jason is a master of Web Solution Architecting, and combines consulting services, Web Application Development, and Software Engineering to develop sophisticated user interfaces that are made for the web and mobile platforms. Jason's vast understanding and hands-on-experience with dozens of technologies helps bring team efforts over the top!

Server Side Development

Jason has over a decade of experience in developing web software using Asp.NET C#, VB.NET, SQL Server & ADO.NET, while leveraging IDE's such as Visual Studios and Web Expression. Some server side development operations consist of complicated data binding and serving, web services, client-side-to-database-transactions, security enhancements, and data crunching.

Client Side Development

Jason has over a decade and a half of experience in developing client side web applications using HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and other JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and Bootstrap. Some client side development operations consist of pulling web graphics together, leveraging scripting languages to add visual effects to web oriented experiences and even some data form processing.

Responsive Web Design

Developing web applications that are compatible with the end user is key to a successful web product. Being ahead of the curve with the latest in technologies is what keeps you competitive. Web applications no longer can be that of a dynamic beauty of a website. Now, you must be responsive in nature, and be surfable on various computers and mobile devices on the market. Allow Jason to assist.

Social Media Integration

Aside from Jason's 50,000+ followers on Twitter, and thousands of connections coming through Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ every day, Jason has experience developing web applications that are social media integrated. Whether it is applying social to a software solution or a custom web development entirely, Jason can help on both sides of the spectrum by applying common social networking tactics and technology.
Projects often change technology focus. Some wants are client side. Others are server side. Some are both. Jason's primary technology use time-on-product changes as well due to this influence. Jason's current technology use over a 24 hr period is as follows:

Asp.NET C#, Ajax, SQL

10 years experience in developing web applications using C# & VB.NET, Ajax Toolkit control development, ADO.NET, and other server side technologies....

HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery

15 years experience in developing client side websites and responsive web using HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS 1-3, jQuery, Bootstrap and straight JavaScript....

Web Architecting

15+ years experience in PLM, Web & Project Solution Architecting. A noticeable sliver is now on the much bigger 2,3,4 & 5 year plans....


I currently have zero tolerance for failure on a project I am on. I take the extra step in helping others pull together the end...

Projects and Clients

Higher Education

Using HTML, XHTML, XLST and CSS my role on the project was to re-invent and...


Using HTML, XHTML and CSS my role on the project was to re-invent and up...

Dassault Systèmes (Present)

Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap and other forms of Javascript, my role on...

Dassault Systèmes (Present)
Rovio Entertainment

Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and other forms of Javascript, my role...

Rovio Entertainment

Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and other forms of Javascript, my roll...


Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and other forms of Javascript, my role...


Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile and other forms of Javascript, my role...

OpSec Security

The OpSec Security "We don't sleep much" tag line held true! Using HTML5, Asp.NET &...

OpSec Security
MKS Instruments

Using Asp.NET, XHTML & CSS, my roll on the project as a Senior PLM Consultant...

MKS Instruments
FEI (Frequency Electronics)

Although my efforts on the project are classified, my role on the project was as...

FEI (Frequency Electronics)

Using HTML5, Asp.NET & CSS, my roll on the project was as a Web Solution...

21st Century

Using Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro while working with TransR Corporation, I helped...

21st Century


  • This video covers the XYZ requirement of converting a creative design into responsive HTML5 and CSS3; a video from the "Proof is in the pudding" web series by, Jason Silvestri...
  • This video covers the XYZ requirement to create a Parallax 3D effect using Photoshop, which we also integrated into Vegas Pro, After Effects and Flash; a video from the "Proof...
  • This video covers the full creative design of a website in Photoshop....


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